Charter School: All You Need To Know


Some schools are neither fully private nor fully public or government owned. Instead, they receive funding from the government, yet they remain independent of the school system or education ministry in the country of operation. It's similar to the privatization of public assets. These schools are known as charter schools. They are available across several countries including Canada, Norway, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, England and New Zealand among others.

Well, there has been heated-up debates around the ownership of charter schools. This is especially rampant in the wake of the advocates who argue out that these schools should be categorized a public school. Their main point is that the schools are often open to all students and they have a free-tuition policy. Then, those who oppose the idea say that the charter schools have an independent operation and looser regulations, which often leads to a glitch in public accountability.

Public schools vs Charter schools

It's important to appreciate that charter schools teach the curriculum that's been set in the jurisdiction. That's why you are likely to find a freedom academy elementary school (which is pretty much the elementary charter school). However, that doesn't make the charter schools public per se. In fact, they are public schools of choice. This means that the majority of parents take their children to these learning centers.

Charter schools, unlike the public institutions, operate freely from most of the regulations set up by the national rules which run district schools. For instance, they have the freedom to have their academic results. They, however, have to adhere to their promises made in the charters. These include the demonstration of academic excellence, management, financial and organizational management.

Do we have different charter schools?

Yes, we do! Charter schools aren't the same. Well, they share similarities in the management and government-public policy. However, their differences are way too many to ignore. For instance, they vary in their designs as well as their results.

Again, the schools are built on practices, mottos, and principles, which make them quite different from each other. It is such principles that have made the schools to create a good name. Some of the country's urban charter public schools continue to soar in academic performance as well as co-curricular activities.

Legislation on charter schools

The laws governing charter schools are different depending on their state or jurisdiction. In New York, the New York State Board of Regents is the state's regulatory body. Anyone- from parents, community, entrepreneurs, teachers etc. - can start charter schools. Click here for more: